Walking the Camino in Spain

By July 11, 2018Travel, Spain, Readings

I have just read Ailsa Piper’s Sinning Across Spain: Walking the Camino (2017 edition)

Reading this book – an Australian’s reflections on the experience of walking the pilgrim route of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela – re-ignited my desire to take this walk myself.

As Antonio Machado put it in his famous song, which she quotes:

…. Traveller, there is no road
       The road is made by walking…
       And turning, you look back at a road you will never tread again….

The book is full of insights in the art of living such as:

       Anger reminds us that we care…
      Change rarely occurs until there has been a bit of anger. Anger at the
      way things are. Anger at apathy. Anger at the lack of compassion.
      And isn’t the release of anger beneficial for psychological health?

In a café, she read a tile with the inscription:

“its’ better to sin little than to confess much”

I like this line.

Sitting down, comparing notes with a fellow traveller, she observed:

“[he] and I looked at each other’s photos, comparing our days. We had seen   different things in the same places at the same time”

I really related to this, because I made the same observation when on architectural explorations of Spain – travelling with two architects it was fascinating how each of us highlighted different features in the same buildings.

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